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Think FASTER Remember BETTER 

Perform better at school and at work

with brain training 


What would life be like
if you or your child could..


Achieve better results at school
and at work


Work faster and keep track of time


Have a more positive attitude towards work

Pay attention and
focus better


Perform better in sports and music

Have greater confidence


Have better memory and
recall faster


Enjoy improved relationships at home


Meet the Life-Changing


That Can Help!

What is Brain Training?

Are weak cognitive skills holding your child back?

To perform mental tasks well, the brain relies on seven core cognitive skills. When these skills are working together efficiently, we can easily process new information and access the brain's knowledge bank.


This in turn helps us learn, think, read, write, remember and solve problems easily.

Learning model-edited.png

If just one of these skills isn't working efficiently, performing mental tasks and learning new things would be a struggle no matter how many times you are taught. 

A cognitive assessment can help you identify if there are any weak skills that need to be strengthened.

Cognitive Skills & Learning

Train your brain at any age

From age 3 to 103

Our programs are based on neuroplasticity—the idea that the brain can be trained to adapt itself and become more efficient at performing actions.

We have a range of unique programs that are suited to various clients' needs.


Give your child the perfect headstart to learning with

Ahead Start

Brain Booster Program


Build a solid foundation in reading and writing with

Phonics Ahead 



Strengthen cognitive skills to perform better at school and at work with

BrainRX Program


Keep your brain fit and in tip-top condition with

Ahead Start

Senior Program

Need help deciding on a suitable program for you or your child?

Our Programs

is the first step to identifying

what is causing the struggle

We offer a comprehensive Cognitive Assessment that takes about an hour and provides a detailed look at how the brain is performing.


The assessment identifies the performance of each person's cognitive skill compared to peers of similar age (an example is demonstrated in the graph below). 

Sample Assessment Graph.png

Once you understand the underlying reasons that cause learning struggles, you can put this knowledge to good use. You can strengthen the weaker skills - either on your own or under the guidance of our cognitive trainers.

Cognitive Assessment

We have changed the lives of
hundreds of clients since 2014

Here is what some of our happy clients say and 

this is what motivates us to do what we do everyday!

J is very fond of his trainer and because of J's improvements, we would like to say our favourite 'feature' was his coach. The coach's patience and passion for helping children is much appreciated. J has managed to read. This was my biggest concern before starting lessons. J also has a longer attention span. We are very glad.

-- Mrs Morrison --

Strategic skills that they applied to the child can really improve their learning level. The training review is detailed and well explained.

-- Mr Tan--

Video testimonial by Mr Teoh

Video testimonial by Mrs Amerjeet

Helping kids breakthrough challenges to improve their thinking skills and attitude towards pressure. My son used to be very resilient towards overcoming failures and breaks down easily under pressure. After attending his myBrainLab sessions, he has shown a better attitude towards overcoming challenges and willingness to try again. He has also shown more willingness to learn. Although he still couldn't handle pressure that well yet but he has shown great improvement in that area compared to before. Overall, he is more confident of himself and shows a more positive attitude towards learning.

-- Ms Wong--

Video testimonial by Ms Peters

Video testimonial by Mrs Lim


The Truth About IQ

Why IQ Scores Alone Don’t Tell the Whole Story

An IQ test is an assessment that measures cognitive abilities and provides a score that is intended to serve as a measure of an individual's intellectual abilities.


However, two people who have different strengths and weaknesses may have a similar IQ score.

Here is an example of two students. One IQ score—two different learning challenges. Specific, intense training in weak skills will help unlock the academic potential of both.

Student A

IQ Score: 106 

Sarah is a polite, well-adjusted Year 6 student. Her older sister has to help her occasionally with her homework, particularly in math, but in most subjects she gets by OK. She reads well enough to keep up with her peers, but struggles with geography and fractions. Rebecca’s IQ score is 106. Testing revealed that her underlying memory and visual processing skills are weak and cause her struggles.

Student A Profile.png

Student B

IQ Score: 106 

Aidan is frustrated and withdrawn at times. He’s been to tutors and several after school programs with little success. He won’t read and rebels when forced to try. He is barely passing his classes, except art. In art class he thrives and keeps a sketchbook with him all the time. Anthony’s IQ score is 106, but his underlying word attack and auditory processing skills are weak.

Student B Profile.png
What is IQ?
Unlock the Einstein Cover.jpg

In this book, Dr. Ken Gibson helps parents understand that there is a little bit of Einstein locked up in each of their children regardless of how they perform in school right now and how to unlock it.


Dr Ken Gibson is a pioneer, making current brain science extremely practical for parents as you'll soon discover. Serving as the founder of LearningRx, Inc. and the nationwide system of LearningRx Training Centers, Dr. Gibson knows from firsthand experience that children and adults can learn faster, comprehend more, and get smarter.

Smarter begins in the brain...for everyone. Einstein didn't have a bigger brain than the rest of us, but he did have a significantly greater number of active synaptic connections in his brain. These neuronsynaptic connections became the network that produced his amazing intellect. Just as with Einstein, these connections form pathways in your child's brain that process and retrieve information, analyze variables, and apply logic and reasoning - and they can be developed. This book will show you how to literally transform your child's ability to learn and read...with lasting results.

Unlock the Einstein Inside
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