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In this book, Dr. Ken Gibson helps parents understand that there is a little bit of Einstein locked up in each of their children regardless of how they perform in school right now and how to unlock it.


Dr Ken Gibson is a pioneer, making current brain science extremely practical for parents as you'll soon discover. Serving as the founder of LearningRx, Inc. and the nationwide system of LearningRx Training Centers, Dr. Gibson knows from firsthand experience that children and adults can learn faster, comprehend more, and get smarter.

Smarter begins in the brain...for everyone. Einstein didn't have a bigger brain than the rest of us, but he did have a significantly greater number of active synaptic connections in his brain. These neuronsynaptic connections became the network that produced his amazing intellect. Just as with Einstein, these connections form pathways in your child's brain that process and retrieve information, analyze variables, and apply logic and reasoning - and they can be developed. This book will show you how to literally transform your child's ability to learn and read...with lasting results.

Learn how brain science can help make learning easier!

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