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Does my child have a cognitive weakness?

Maybe he/she just requires extra tutoring?

Or perhaps he/she will soon outgrow this phase of behavioural difficulties?

Not sure if your child exhibits signs of cognitive weakness? Typically, weak cognitive skills do not get stronger simply with age, which is why children who struggle often grow into adults who struggle. And while good schools, teachers, and tutors may excel at delivering information, their roles are not designed to provide the kind of cognitive training that targets and strengthens weak skills.

Are weak cognitive skills holding your child back?

This free quiz is based on observations of behaviour, so you can take it for yourself, for your child, or for anyone you know well. Rate the following behaviors by how often you think they occur, compared to how often you think they occur for other people of the same age and gender.


Don’t overthink, just answer with your first, instinctive response.

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